Fitting your suspenders

How to measure for your size.

The absolute best way to determine the appropriate size suspender to order is to use a tape measure to measure the person who will be wearing the suspenders. Starting the top of the pants where the suspenders will attach in the back, and running diagonally up over the opposite shoulder to the top of the pants in the front where they will attach will give you the distance the suspenders need to travel. Take that number and order the next size up.

Pull your pants up, Measure from the top of your front belt loop over the shoulder to the top of the rear center belt loop.

When buying Leather Suspenders PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LEATHER STRETCHES SLIGHTLY AS IT AGES in addition to becoming suppler. Keep that in mind as you decide what size you want to order.

Order the size that matches your measurement most closely.

Size Length of Suspender Generally fits people:

Small 39-41 inches

Medium 42-45  inches

Large 45-47 inches

X-Large 48-50 inches

2 X- Large 51-53 inches

3 X -Large 54 inches

Three style ends

Leather Suspenders

Belt style

Button style

Scissor snap style

Leather suspenders.jpg
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